Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work. Q&A

Why Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work? No hooks, for starters.

Energy Spirituality is totally unlike psychic readings. In writing this article I aim to start a smart consumer conversation going.

  • Why is it important to know that this leading-edge field is altogether different?
  • How is Energy Spirituality unlike psychic readings, exactly?

Let’s clear up some common confusions, once and for all.

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In order to clarify, let’s begin with some practical definitions.

What IS Energy Spirituality™?

Energy Spirituality helps people like you with emotional growth, personal development, spiritual awakening.

In particular, our systematic ways of helping you involve using energy in ways that work now. Since now we’re living in the Age of Awakening.

Why not? By all means, ask that question in COMMENTS below. When I bring my perspective, it may surprise you.

By Contrast, What IS Psychic Work? (Sometimes Called Intuitive Work.)

Psychics do readings. Sometimes they do healings.

Always they work with one or more discarnate astral beings. Namely, disembodied spirits.

No, psychics seldom mention how their work is sourced. They’ll even call it “spiritual.” But if you have good skills of energetic literacy, it becomes obvious this is not the case.

Another important point: Psychic work comes from thousands of years ago. It’s very Age of Faith.

But that Age of Faith is now over. Finished.

Like it or not, many such older teachings are now obsolete. Or they’ve just become distorted.

That link just supplies opens up a popular blogpost with discussion of psychic-based energy healing. Versus the equivalent in the entirely different field of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.

Remember, Blog-Buddies, if you have questions or stories about any of this? Please share your reactions in COMMENTS below.

Before We Explore Further, on a Personal Note

The purpose of this article is to clarify the difference beween… well, you guessed it.

Most of my new clients think I’m a psychic. Even when I tell them that Energy Spirituality is a different kind of service, many act skeptical. Very understandable, give that psychic work comes from thousands of years ago. While this kind of work began in 1986.

Despite my 1,000 media interviews, the national bestseller for Random House Germany, all the clients who have been helped by me and practitioners I’ve trained… Energy Spirituality has only begun to gain impact in Collective Consciousness.

So my purpose in writing this article is much like a similar article I’ve published about how Energy Spirituality Is Not Like Psychotherapy.

I’d like to make the differences crystal clear. At some point, you’ll understand what I promised at the start of this post: WHY and HOW Energy Spirituality™ is altogether different from psychic work.

Some of You May Be Quite Shocked at What You’ll Be Learning about Hooks

In this article — and elsewhere — it is not my intention to disrespect psychics. Until the Age of Faith ended, it wasn’t just honorable for a well-trained psychic to do readings or healings. It was safe for everyone concerned.

Many of my friends, including some of my very closest friends, were intuitives and energy healers. Twice I was sponsored to give workshops and sessions through London’s famed College of Psychic Studies, lovely experiences!

Unfortunately, those psychic friends are friends no longer. After the Shift into the Age of Awakening, they developed problems with their consciousness lifestyles. After Dec. 21, 2012, it stopped being so safe to work as a psychic or an energy healer. Likewise for their clients.

Anyway, as you keep reading I think you’ll find that this article opens your eyes. In a way that can protect you.

  • Even though psychics and New Age energy healers don’t necessarily know about what I’ll write here.
  • They’ve been taught that they’re working with “God’s messengers.” Not discarnate entities.
  • And when we get into the part about the hooks? Although that’s true… I’m not saying that putting in those hooks is purposeful. It simply happens. Probably happens quite often.

Spiritual But Not Religious — A Tricky Distinction?

Another way to see the difference between these two approaches involves getting past a certain apparent commonality:

Both Energy Spirituality and psychic work can appeal to people of faith. Likewise, both can appeal to folks who are Spiritual But Not Religious.

However, psychic work is not spiritual. Granted, psychics often claim they do spiritual work. Or convey spiritual “messages.”

Nonetheless, Psychic Is NOT Spiritual.

Extremely important for you to understand this for moving forward on your personal path, Blog-Buddies!

By contrast, Energy Spirituality IS spiritual:

  1. This body of work includes 10 trademarked systems. (With an 11th trademark on the way.)
  2. All of these were cocreated with the Divine.

About that last point…

About Cocreating with God

In my view, it’s very important to learn how to cocreate with God. All of us can learn ways that really work. For instance, I teach some.

But did you know that psychics definitely do not do this? Psychics collaborate with astral spirits. Not Divine Beings.

Even if folks think these astral beings are the same, Divine by different names. That’s not true.

Astral Vibrational Frequencies are not Divine Vibrational Frequencies. If you want to know more about this, I’ve written a practical how-to book on exactly that topic. Plus, how to thrive now, in the Age of Awakening. Should you be at all curious, take a look at the link just provided.

Bottom line: Spirits who work with psychics are either ghosts, astral entities, ETs. Totally different from being “of God”!

Another big advantage of being sourced by what is Divine, rather than astral?

Energy Spirituality sessions are clean. No hooks.

This flows from our foundational ethics, when one’s skills support that kind of integrity.

Sadly, Psychics Hook Their Clients

Sure, they do. By contrast, Energy Spirituality is designed to avoid the problems that come from making clients or students dependent.

To illustrate, today I’m going into detailed examples from a blogpost published by a fan of psychic readings. What follows is adapted from a series of comments at this blogpost about “Why Energy Spirituality?” This comment conversation begins with Comment #123.

Introducing Examples from an Article about “Psychic Michaela”

Back at the blogpost just referenced, Simon commented:

I found a magazine article from that told the story of one woman’s aura reading:

‘That fake red you wear is from the survival instincts you’ve created from the way you were raised,’ she continued. She asked for a photo of my parents because as she put it, ‘how they raised me still very much affects you today.’

As this online conversation unfolds, you’ll start to read about many ways that Energy Spirituality is entirely different from psychic work. Here goes!

Reason 1. Why Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work

Quality Aura Reading Versus Aura Reading Cliches

In order to appreciat e the difference, here are some fun resources. At these YouTube videos you’ll grab a quick education about the two types of energetic literacy that psychics have:

  1. Some, like Psychic Michaela, do only Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.
  2. Others manage to do Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.
  3. By contrast, all Energy Spirituality Experts use Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Psychics often read colors. They may mix in judgmental ideas along the color idea. For instance, Psychic Michaela opined that the red color in her client’s aura was “fake”!

Reason 2. Why Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work

Present-Time Help, Rather than “All Knowing” Talk about Past or Future

Here’s another sample from that magazine article.

Psychic Michaela told the article author:

‘That fake red you wear is from the survival instincts you’ve created from the way you were raised,” she continued. She asked for a photo of my parents because as she put it, “how they raised me still very much affects you today.”

Unlike psychic work, Energy Spirituality helps clients in the present. Incidentally, we Energy Spirituality Experts don’t claim to know about your past or your future.

Reason 3. Why Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work

Unlike Psychics, When Talking to Clients We Do Not Insert Hooks

What, specifically, do I mean by “hooks”?

Generally psychics always have an agenda. How can they help it? The spirits who tell them what to show, or throw images at them? Those spirits have an agenda.

By contrast, one of many reasons to cocreate with Divine Beings: No agenda.

Before I go into what technically constitutes a hook, let’s have one more sample from Psychic Michaela:

“Michaela also told me I’d be moving, that I’d write a book, I would never go back to a nine-to-five job, that someone significant with the letter “J” and a red aura would enter my life, and if someone pressured me to do something work-wise I didn’t want to do, I didn’t have to.” 

Which Kinds of Hook, Exactly?

Hooks are good for business. They can build “customer loyalty.”

What exactly are these hooks?

Typically a psychic adds juicy little tidbits to the aura reading. These juicy details might just seem interesting, caring, or proof of spiritual blessing. From a technical standpoint, these informational hooks do one or more of the following:

  1. Flatter the client.
  2. Make the client feel special and talented. (Often the client is encouraged to study psychic development.)
  3. Arouse fear but then provide a cosmic explanation or solution. (Furthering dependency on the psychic.)
  4. Give the client somebody to blame.
  5. Speak with supposed authority about the client’s past. (Also furthering dependency on the psychic.)
  6. Make grand promises about the client’s future. (Also furthering dependency.)
  7. Explain why the client has a problem… in a way that takes away personal responsibility.
  8. Provide extra-juicy details in vague terms, encouraging the client to find the info “relatable.” (And thus, the client typically fills in the details, while giving the psychic credit for “knowing so much.”)

In Conclusion

In this article I’ve given you a start on distinguishing Energy Spirituality from psychic readings. To be sure, in our COMMENTS section I’ll supply many specific examples of these eight ways that psychics commonly put hooks into their clients.

Meanwhile, please add your questions, reactions, stories in COMMENTS. Just use the boxes below.

  • Did you think that Energy Spirituality was just some kind of cute branding?
  • Because some clients have told me as much. Surprised me. But maybe not you.
  • Sometimes I’ve been told that I was just “like any other psychic”?

This has never been true. Here’s a summary of my body of work… so far. None of it about being a psychic.

So let’s bring clarity to the question at the top of this article. Energy Spirituality Is NOT Psychic Work. Let the Q&A begin.

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