FIFTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing

Fifth January 6th Committee Hearing. America, have you noticed. Each hearing brings fresh revelations, and is more shocking than those who have come before.

Dramatic and based in fact, not fake news! The FIFTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing will be another important experience for all responsible Americans… and many who care about the future of American democracy.

So far, Blog-Buddies, today’s post is a placeholder.

But you’re invited to start commenting right away.

Expect this main blogpost to be completely rewritten. Probably as soon as tomorrow.

When I’ve learned more about the FIFTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing, oh yes! I’ll write more of an article.

Meanwhile, please share your thoughts. Plus your favorite articles that summarize highlights of the FIFTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing.

Let’s give each hearing its due.

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