FOURTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing

Fourth January 6th Committee Hearing. America, we must stop the casual cruelty, & amorality, in support of The Big Lie.

Have you watched it? Or read about it yet? The FOURTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing.

So far, Blog-Buddies, today’s post is a placeholder.

But you’re invited to start commenting right away.

Expect this main blogpost to be completely rewritten. Probably as soon as tomorrow.

So far, I’ve watched-and-heard only the opening statements. From:

  • Bennie Thompson
  • Liz Cheney
  • And Adam Schiff

All of them, to my thinking, upright and eloquent upholders of truth.

When I’ve learned more about this FOURTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing, oh yes! I’ll write more of an article.

Meanwhile, please share your thoughts. Plus your favorite articles that summarize highlights of this FOURTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing.

The FIFTH one is coming tomorrow. Let’s give each hearing its due.

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